We understand the needs of brands, retailers and consumers and provide creative solutions that meet the agendas of each


Everything we do is informed by customer needs, their shopping behaviour and how this changes throughout the journey they take.

Where this intelligence doesn’t already exist we provide research to find it.  Only then do we develop compelling experiences that resonate, to trigger engagement and sales.


For brands to achieve their potential they need to be visible, engaging and understood. We work closely with clients to ensure brands communicate with clarity, honesty and relevance and that this translates into environmental experiences for customers. We ensure that at retail this engagement triggers a propensity to purchase.



With decades of experience working with global retailers across many markets, sectors and cultures, we really understand retail. Comprehensive knowledge of the mechanics of selling, category management, merchandising & display, environmental design, space planning and customer flow, all help to increase retail efficiency for brand owners.



Two further things you need to know about Space 11.


Well planned retail environments and brand communications that connect and are useful to customers, significantly enhance the mechanics of selling and the resultant performance and ROI. Although our remit is to improve a customer's experience of your brand, we expect to be measured on the commercial outcomes this delivers.


Space 11 is independent and owner managed by real people who understand the importance of relationships to achieve success for all involved.  We say what we do, do what we say and recognise that our role is to help our clients to become more profitable and sustainable.