In 2011 leading energy company Shell unveiled a vision to refresh its global retail concept. The challenge would be; how do Shell position a credible “food on the go” offer at the heart of it’s retail strategy, whilst still being relevant to their its valuable fuel customers?

Shell appointed Shopworks to lead this international initiative, and Space 11 became the main second tier agency to help manage and deliver this project.

After a broad benchmarking exercise, a trial site in Fontwell UK allowed us to test layout and design recommendations and build the retail strategy that Shell would adopt globally. This was based around defining customer shopping missions and using these to develop planning principles that we would use to layout categories and stores.

Shell UK has since rolled out more than 200 stores in the new format during 2012 and Space 11 have continued to support Shell’s expansion of its retail format to larger highway and motorway format sites including Cobham, the UK’s largest motorway fuels retailer. Also supporting individual markets as they trial and develop the format in their own territories.

The results.

The results at Fontwell showed a massive shift towards food sales, a sizeable increase in overall browsing, sales and margin and overwhelmingly positive response from customers to the layout, design and look and feel of the site. We also found that these initially positive results continued to improve the longer the store traded.

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