Space 11 is a creative agency, embracing an exhilarating new era for brands at retail

During the first decade of the 21st century, the pace of change in the retail sector accelerated. Online and mobile channels have exponentially grown and increasingly converge. The retail landscape is continuing to transform. Customers now experience greater choice and a richer, more diverse customer journey. Expectations of service, value and immediacy are higher. As a consequence, the retail sector faces unimaginable challenges and unmet opportunities.

In 2011, we embraced this Zeitgeist by creating Space 11, combining our rich experience of leveraging customer insight, superb creative and an agile, personal service.



Space 11 loves brands. We know all about retail and what drives customers.

We understand that more than ever, performance is key. Brands need to connect with customers in a way that is visceral and compelling and at retail this engagement needs to then be paired with transaction.

We know that whether a store embraces emerging technology to leverage its different channels or remains persuasively traditional, it succeeds only if customers find it truly useful and engaging.

Space 11 enables brands to connect with customers in retail and other environments where customers see, feel, touch and experience brands in the real world. We make real engagement happen to drive real purchases.

We work with global retailers, brands and service providers. We design environments, lay out stores, communicate to customers, and provide strategic insight into their brand, customer, business and sector.

Welcome to The New Retail Era.  Welcome to Space 11.